In this modern world many people find their lives consumed by social media. Apps such as Instagram or TikTok, are built to sell an image, created by the people using the apps to make money for the companies running the apps. A system made to make you feel like you aren't good enough unless you make the machine money by getting a certain amount of likes. I assume you've heard all of this before, I am saying nothing new. These apps are already extremely detrimental to mental health, especially for young children, and with the influx of needing to be sexy to get more likes, follows, and shares, many children (young girls specifically) grow up too fast. These young boys and girls end up exposed to pornographic material at a very young age, from simple thirst traps to hard-core gore porn. This is ruining our society and our children.

The over-infantilization mixed with the sexualization of girls has created a subculture of pink bimbo self-obsessed girls who do anything for attention from males. This population of girls is most highly concentrated online, where seemingly their actions have little to no consequences. While these girls can do some disgusting things to other people, we have to keep in mind that they are still victims of this society. Don't mistake this as me excusing their actions, the world isn't black and white, these girls are victims.

The pink-loving e-girls have been groomed by pedophiles online, and by social media. As they've grown up in a media renaissance, they have been shown sexualized women, over and over. These girls might've been bullied and then turned to the online world for safety. Without parents properly protecting them from the creeps out there, men on the internet have then taken advantage of these girls and created a new kind of "feminism" where you stick it to the man as he sticks dollar bills down your pants. These e-girls get money from the men, compliments, etc. They live off being pretty, sexual, and pink. This has led to demonizing their femininity. They see it as revenge to take the man's money, and empowering when they do so, but they are working for him as they do it.

This "pretty and pink girl" has now become "gross gorrified girls". The pain and trauma of girls have become a trend and it should not be. Recently women have been uglifying themselves, this high fashion "man-repellant" look is the new it girl. But they still work for the man as they have been so deeply groomed and traumatized.

We need to protect our children from this world and be more careful about what we let them see online, as a young girl who grew up on the internet without parental supervision and I can attest firsthand to this. The internet isn't a place for a kid, boy or girl, but this article focuses on girls because of the insane reach it has had into our fabric of society, and how it is affected by the even bigger circle of pedophiles running the world.

this is the video that inspired this article and the female gaze throughout the centauries.

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